The Greenwood

Project Brief
Create a logo that represents the vision and purpose of the Greenwood property, all-the-while maintaining subtle nuances to it's history.
place for people, discovery, & healing; space for dreaming with endless possibility; rooted deeply with upward growth; individuality within community; creativity without boundaries; honoring heritage & developing destinies.
Combine a leaf with an art-nouveau-esque font to represent the history and feeling of growth that resounds on the Greenwood property.


The way the 'W' and 'O' interact gives nuance to growth and gathering by breaking the mold of the normal structure of this font.
The Greenwood property will be a host of all things creative--from pottery to woodworking, gardening and song-writing. Because of it's many facets, it was important to create a logo that is versatile and not too specific to one area of the property. Because of this, I created the main logo, but then broke out the 'G' and 'W/leaf combo' to be a sub-mark to the main brand. Without being too literal, it was important this brand gave a feeling of growth and nature, because the Greenwood property is covered with trees shooting upward--both representing the growth of those who go there, as well as the deep roots from the past.