Teleo Co.

Project Brief
Integrate the roughness of wood and the curves of refinement into the likeness of a telescope.
Telescope, Stages, Wholeness, Unraveling, Wood, Grain, Texture, Process, Natural Edges, Raw, Refined
Create a telescope out of elements of a Teleo table leg, representing movement, time, and the journey it takes to go through the necessary stages towards wholeness.


Teléo's icon tells a story of where something has been while the telescope looks forward to what's to come.
As a woodworking business, Teléo Collaborative takes raw pieces of wood and refines them into various shapes and sizes to create a complete product. Within this process, there is a journey the woodworker goes through; as he refines the wood, he's defining a story. This process illustrates the greek word Teléo, which is 'going through the necessary stages for something to be brought to complete wholeness.' Playing off of this meaning and the similarity of the word to a telescope, I created an icon that has the shapes and story of a table leg, but as a whole it creates a telescope.