Project Brief
As a concept brand, SPARC would be a multi-faceted organization that focuses on enhancing the way of life within local communities. In any city you live in, you'll be sure to find things in need of improvement--SPARC would exist to turn those good ideas into action.
multi-faceted, spark, energy, connection, vibrant community, advocacy & action
Create a simple logo that has the energy of a spark.


A spark is something that activates inspiration. It's a catalyst for the beginning of change.
As a group that would help cities thrive, the client needed a simple design that could be broken out into various aspects of the organization. To accomplish this, we attributed a 5-color palette, with the focus on the Spark 'A'. Each color represents a different aspect of the organization and was chosen to look good all together, but also be different enough in the range that it would still be strong as a stand alone logo. It was important that the lines of the 'A' felt like they're shooting out, just like the ignition of a spark.