Scott Matson

Project Brief
Create a cohesive brand for Scott that is consistent amongst his logo, book, website, and social media assets.
Classic, Contemporary, History, Photography, Depth, Understanding
Combine the S & M of Scott's initials as a monogram, using a classic font applied in a modern design.


Scott's book, podcast, and website all focus on being a contemporary capture of history.
With the launch of Scott's book, Martin Luther: Renegade Monk, Church Reformer, he needed social media assets to post along-side his website and podcast release. The goal was to create an interesting multi-post collage that encompassed Scott's brand, his website, and the look and feel of his book. To create consistency amongst each element, the color palette and photography played a key role. I used some of Scott's photography from his European travels, all of which added to the richness of the historical feel his brand holds. However, to make it more modern and easy to understand for his audience, I applied contemporary color overlays and layouts that are clean and easy to understand.