Samuel Lee Going

Project Brief
Combine the various activites of Samuel into a mark that represented wholeness, boldness, and soft touches.
Wholeness, Strong, Soft Edges, Bold Icon, Dauntless, Fearless, Hardwork, Relational
Merge the different parts of each seperate letter so that it comes together as a whole, emphasizing the meaning of wholeness.


Wholeness is multiple parts coming together to form a whole. Likewise, this logo has various parts that form the bold and soft elephant icon.
Samuel's logo is one major juxtaposition of elements. It can be likened to an elephant that is bold and strong, yet carries a love and soft heart. Samuel needed a logo that was bold enough to stand alone, yet was also approachable with it's soft curves and corners. This mark represents the wholeness of the S, L, and G coming together to form an elephant, just like Samuel's life mission to create wholeness within himself and for those around him--whether that's through his mind, body, and spirit, or through hobbies such as photography, fitness, or journal-making.