Meadlyn Co.

Project Brief
Create a modern, typographic-focused logo that tells a story of growth and collaboration.
Collaborative, Minimalist, Scandinavian, Symmetrical, Black, White, Typographic
Remove elements from each letter as a way to get the viewer to join in the collaboration of completing the whole word with their minds.


Long thick and thin lines reach upward, representing growth, all-the-while the missing pieces of letters create a natural collaboration of symmetry and elegance.
Meadlyn Co. is a leather goods company who values high quality goods amidst the refining process it takes to complete final designs. They eventually want to expand the company further, so the logo couldn't box them into just one craft, but rather provide a way for further growth. As a result, it felt necessary for the letters to reach up and represent growth, while the symmetry of the custom typography created a symmetrical balance of letters working together--further emphasizing the heart of collaboration this brand holds.