Living Waters Church

Project Brief
Rebrand the church from a logo that featured trees to a logo that represents their name, the vision they carry, and the voice of life, living, and movement within the community.
Alive, Living, Lives, Community, Perennial Flow, Water, Waves, Infinite, Representational, Clean, Simple
Create a monogram that appears to be infinite in it's flow, all-the-while combining elements of water and waves to represent an out-of-the-box solution for this church.


If it's living, it's not stagnant. Likewise, the Living Waters logo represents moving towards greater things, steadily and continusouly going with the flow.
Living Waters Church is a church who is open to trying new things, breaking the mold, and living a life that is continuously bringing fresh insight and perspectives. As a result, they didn't want a logo that was literal, but something that represented them within their city's community. To do this, I used bold lines and subtle curves to give the feeling of waves in motion, yet created an aesthetic that appeared to go on forever. The flow of the L and W create a wave that is representational of the movement of water, especially across multiple regions (as they have multiple locations). Using the definition and symbolism of their name, I was able to create a logo that is simple, mesmerizing, and flows into a nonconventional icon (especiallly for churches).