Light & Shadow Photography

Project Brief
Refresh the brand with a new name and logo that represented the key factors that make up photography--light and shadow.
Light - something that makes things visible, illuminates, brightest part of a photo; Shadow - shade, comparative darkness, reflected image, image cast by interception of light.
Join together the contrast of light and shadows with a custom ampersand-monogram. The monogram features the shapes of the L, &, and S.


Light & Shadows--without one, you won't have the other. This is a key element in photography, so the joining of these two elements became an important feature in this brand.
Emily, the owner of Light & Shadow Photography, needed a rebrand for her new name. This logo doesn't only represent Emily, but also her style of photography--classic with a touch of vintage and earth tones. The custom ampersand became a focal point as a way of bringing light and shadow together, using the shapes of the L, ampersand, and S. Emily emphasized she liked natural shapes, vintage crests, and clean/classic fonts. As a result, I used a serif font paired with a simple san serif font so that the focus would be on the tieing together of the two main words, 'light' and 'shadow'.