Gabriel Ramirez Photography

Project Brief
Create a clean and hand-drawn mark that is proportionate, all-the-while featuring quirky elements that emphasize Gabriel's personality within his photography.
Clean, Elegant, Stamp-like, Handlettered, Simple yet goofy, Capturing Moments, Representing Time, an Endless Flow
Create a flow of lines representing the flow of time that is captured when Gabriel takes photographs.


Simplicity and clarity with a touch of quirkiness helped give this logo it's own voice--a voice that complements the simplicity and quirky touches within Gabriel's photography.
Gabriel's style of photography is very simple, yet expressive. When talking about why he enjoys taking photographs, he emphasized the feeling of capturing moments that will transcend time. Because of this, there are subtle references to time within the custom hand-lettered mark. Additionally, Gabriel described how he loves getting people to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves, which make for the quirky moments on a photoshoot. As a result, each letter within the logo has it's own quirky element, that is also subtle and simple, overall combining the elements he likes to incorporate into is photography.