Project Brief
Define a look and feel for Anazao's overall brand as a system of print items, making sure to include elements that can be reused throughout all marketing materials.
Clear and concise messaging, Organized and legible content, Unconventional, Photography, Community
Use photography, Anazao's color palette, and clean layouts to give a sense of a professional, yet unconventional, community gym space.


Anazao, being a gym who focuses on community, needed marketing materials that represented the community in an honest yet professional manner.
Anazao is a community gym in Medford, OR. Because a large focus is on the community, they are consistently taking photos of the community that attends the gym. Photography played a large role in their print materials, however, the scheduling and class information was just as important. So that the two elements complemented each other, I focused on emphasizing text using their color palette and strategic layouts, while the photos added an interesting backdrop to each design. Because they are an unconventional gym, I had the freedom to mix modern layouts throughout each print item.