A Living Letter

Project Brief
Display the unfolding of a story on paper in the shape of a heart.
transformation, transparency, letter, stories, heart
Reveal a paper heart folding over, representing a turning page [in someone's life], yet also displaying the writing that has already happened. It's a transformation that is based upon where someone has been, but looks forward to where they're going.


You yourself are our letter of recommendation, written on our hearts, to be known and read by all...
A Living Letter's main goal is to equip the church community with a healthy perspective of sexuality through the transformation stories of those who have come out of brokeness. It was important this logo showed respect to people and their stories, because the topics A Living Letter addresses are sensitive in nature. This logo has three main elements: the writing, the paper, and the heart. The writing represents where some has been; the paper represents the unfolding of their future story as well as the transformation from one life to another; and the heart represents the power of a real testimony.