Project Brief
Emphasize the flexibility of a community building. Play off of the double entendre of the number 360- the building's address, the round room in the building, and the numerical meaning of circles.
Flexbile, Circles, Spheres of Influence, Versatile, Raw, Multiple Uses, Community, Architecture, Building, Gathering Place
With the address using the number 360, circles played a major role in the settup of this logo. To emphasize versatility, there are two logos--one that expands fully and one that folds in on itself into an icon format.


As the people gather in this building, the logo gathers shapes and symbols to represent versatility within community.
The 360bldg is a place for the community to gather around and use the spaces in whatever capacity they need. Likewise, the logo represents the gathering of the numbers, as seen in the icon, yet can fully expand to the fully written out number. Because the building's address incorporates the number 360, it was important to keep circles as the backdrop for which the logo is built, as well as being featured elements throughout the brand. During the initial phases of this brand, plans and designs for the architecture of the building were being discussed. It was important these two elements complemented each other to create a well-rounded look and feel that would tie together elements of the building's structure within the logo.